Rethinking the No-Spend Month

In my last post, I told you about how I did really really well at the no-spend thing… until I didn’t, and that one day came when I spent $19.99 on a purse and almost threw up because of the guilt.

The thing was, as we moved into March, I kept thinking about how the no-spend month was so eye-opening to me and how valuable it could be to continue it. Obviously though, I needed to rework the terms of the project because it was completely unreasonable for me to feel that kind of guilt over a $19.99 bag.

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No-Spend February: Lessons Learned


This is actually a pretty big deal for me. I don’t really have a big impulse buying problem and I don’t splurge on much, so I arrogantly thought that doing a no-spend month wouldn’t be that hard and I wouldn’t learn anything. But guys. IT WAS. I DID. Seriously. Mind blowing.

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No-Spend February

Do you ever find you get spend-fatigue? I might have just made that term up. But it’s real, right? You just get so tired of having to spend money.

And that’s the thing – we need to spend money. You have to pay rent or a mortgage, you might have a car payment, a student loan, a line of credit.. what about that cell bill? And we have to eat, right? We can’t avoid spending, it’s the sad truth of life in the modern world.

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