What Do You Want to Do With Your Money?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everybody had a fabulous holiday and that your credit card bills are not the least bit scary this month.

Before I get into today’s post, let’s have a bit of a fireside chat, because it’s been a while and I’ve missed the blog community!

I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus because I caught the flu then bronchitis and I’ve basically looked and felt like this for the last month:

Since this is a personal finance blog, and not WebMD, I’m mentioning this because being under the weather for such a big chunk of time (relative to my usual 2 days of a cold per year) changed the way my finances looked for the month of December and made me so grateful for my “things I didn’t budget for” line. Continue reading “What Do You Want to Do With Your Money?”

The Mentality of “You Got This”

I have this mantra, whenever things go wrong in my life.

It’s nothing fancy – I just say to myself over and over, “you got this”.

(In my head, just btw. My coworkers don’t need to hear that every time my computer shuts down or every time a client freaks out).

It always seems to work for me, whether it’s just the kind of meditative process of thinking one thing over and over, or if there really is some kind of magical property to that phrase that makes things turn out for the best.

You might have your own phrase or your own strategy to deal with things when they get crappy, but no matter what you’re dealing with and how you’re dealing with it, you are going to be okay.

It’s so easy to panic and get stressed out about money. Seriously. People don’t talk about it, but everybody has money worries. They’re not always the same worries, of course, but everyone you meet has some kind of money anxiety at some point.

Mine is rooted in the scarcity mentality. I fight this daily.

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Debt Doesn’t Have to be Your Normal

We’ve all seen the Lion King, right? You know that scene where the baboon hits Simba with a stick and tells him to face his past, and then Simba’s just like “whoa” and runs away to achieve his cartoon-liony-destiny?


I had my own Rafiki moment when I realized that I didn’t have to have debt. It sounds strange, right? It should be obvious, no one has to have debt. But if that’s the case, why do we have stats like these?

  • 73% of Canadians are currently in debt
  • 16% of Canadians 35 or younger have “a good deal or a lot of debt”
  • On average, most people with debt believe it will take them at least 8 years be debt-free
  • 23% of Canadians with debt believe they will never be debt free
  • 36% of Canadians believe that “debt is inevitable”

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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Savings Goals

There are a lot of personal finance resources out there that take the approach of trying to scare you into saving by telling you how bad things will be otherwise. Those resources aren’t wrong; having a good financial strategy is crucial, and if you don’t properly prepare yourself financially, you won’t be able to achieve your big savings goals in the future.

I have a few “hard truth” blog posts bookmarked and I go back to them when I need that kick to get myself back into gear. Sometimes though, you need a push from the other direction – one that makes you picture yourself in the car of your dreams (that you paid for in cash) or on your baller vacation (that you paid for with your investment account dedicated to travel). I love those posts that make you go, f*@% yeah, I’ma save some money today.


So, on this #MotivationMonday, here are 5 ways to keep yourself motivated and keep yourself happy while you work to meet that savings goal: Continue reading “5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Savings Goals”