Do You Know Where Your Dollars Go?

Ever since I’ve been aggressively paying down debt (which is really just a few months longer than I’ve been recording it all here), I’ve been kind of blown away by how much money actually comes into my account.

I don’t mean that I earn a crazy amount; I don’t make any more money now than I did when I got myself into debt, and that’s a decent-but-mostly-average salary. What I mean is, I used to always feel like I had no money. But now that I’m actually monitoring what comes in and out, I’m miraculously “finding” more money in my accounts. Continue reading “Do You Know Where Your Dollars Go?”

How to Use Excel to Predict Your (Debt) Future

Let me start by saying that I am not an Excel expert. I have a healthy respect for Excel, and I fully believe it could solve the world’s problems, if only we knew how to use it to its full capabilities, but I only ever venture into the shallow waters of the mysterious universe that is spreadsheets.

I assure you though, no matter what your skill level is in Excel, you can do this trick. 

Continue reading “How to Use Excel to Predict Your (Debt) Future”