How to Avoid the Christmas Spending Binge

It’s Labour Day! But can we talk about Christmas for a minute?

So, hi. I am that person that starts counting down to Christmas by like… July. I know, I know, SO ANNOYING, right? But it’s cool, guys. The Christmas spirit sustains me through your side-eye.


I start decorating November 1st every year.

My (two) tree(s) is up for at least a month.

Bronner’s (the world’s largest Christmas store) is legit one of my favourite places on earth.

My satellite radio is tuned to the “all Christmas all the time” channels from the day they go on air to the day they go off. That’s like 2 straight months of carols.

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DIY: Personalized Hangers

Before you read this post, I should add a disclaimer that I am in no way an expert DIYer or even a remotely crafty person. (#wouldthatIcould).

But since this is a blog about saving money, I’m sharing one easy way I kept some of my hard earned dollars in my own pocket. (And if you really hate crafty posts, have no fear – I’m not creative enough for more than one, so I’ll be back next week with a post about saving money on groceries.)


If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen pins of hangers personalized with names or dates either on the hanger itself or in the wire of the lower bar. When I was planning my wedding, I loved the idea of these hangers as functional and sweet ways to display the gift bags I put together for my bridesmaids, and later, to hang their bridesmaid dresses.

I turned to Etsy to see what my options were, and while there were tons of adorable choices, the price was not so cute. At the time, the best price I could find was around the $20 per hanger range – now, the average appears to be around $25.

I could not justify spending $80 to $100 on effing clothes hangers.

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Don’t Go Broke This Wedding Season

As of today, my husband and I have been invited to two baby showers, one diaper party, three wedding showers, two stag and does, one bachelor party (him), three bachelorette parties (me), and seven weddings (no gender reveal parties, thank God. What is that). If you are anywhere between the ages of say, 25 and 35 – your summer likely looks similar. ‘Tis the season, after all.

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Show Your Bank Account Some Love

Guys. Real talk. I love Valentine’s Day. And don’t be all, “that’s just because you’re married”. It’s not, I promise. I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s cards, I love the colour combo of pink and red, I love heart decor and I really, really love cinnamon hearts (confession: I have a bag beside me as a type this. I bought like a full pound from the bulk store and I’m the only one in the house that eats them. My mouth has been perpetually on fire since around Feb. 2).

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