About Me

Hi. I’m Kate. I write on katesaves.ca. Let’s be friends.

I’m a twentysomething Canadian who is desperately trying to shake off the #millennial stereotype by becoming a debt-free homeowner and globetrotter, with a healthy savings account and a sweet-ace retirement plan.

I have a Masters degree in something completely unrelated to finance (with the student loan to prove it), and during the day, I work for a large public sector organization.

I am married to the best guy on the planet and we recently bought our first house. We mostly spend our time binging on Netflix, curating Spotify playlists, and making up names for our future dog.

I love hashtags. I use them too much, and not ironically. I could eat pasta every day.  I’m really, really bad at texting. I am obsessed with 90s music like any good millennial (it’s okay when I say it), and once, David Copperfield made me disappear.

I am a hoarder of money but still managed to rack up debt. This blog is my journey out of it.

About the Blog

It started on a snow day.

That day, cabin fever led to my finally categorizing my spending and adding up my debt. Seeing it all neatly laid out on the screen made me want to bury myself in a snow bank for the rest of my life. That day is when I realized that I had created a problem for myself and I needed to fix it.

Money is often a complicated and scary topic, but it doesn’t need to be. Money is not mysterious and it doesn’t have a mind of its own. We can control it and we can manage it.

This blog is about spending less, saving more, paying off my debt and growing my net worth while weathering the Canadian dollar. I share with you the tips, tricks and tools that have helped me along the way, and maybe they’ll help you too.

Let’s do this, eh?