US Retirement Plans and their Canadian Counterparts

In the last month or so, we’ve all heard of the many Americans who’ve pledged to move to Canada. And why not? I mean, we’re the country that brought the world Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds.



So for those American readers who are contemplating the move up north, or for Canadians who want to understand our southern neighbours a bit better, here’s a short guide to how our Canadian individual retirement plans match up with American plans. Continue reading “US Retirement Plans and their Canadian Counterparts”

Everything You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Serious question: do you know, generally, what your credit score is? Have you checked your credit report yet this year?

If your answer is no, here’s a tip: Make it a New Year’s Resolution to check your credit report once a year.

That’s it, just once a year – so easy!

As easy as it is though, Canadians on the whole are not that great about understanding their credit.

A recent survey, commissioned by Mogo, found that while 72% of Canadians recognized that lenders and banks look at credit scores during the loan application process, most Canadians don’t know what else their score is used for:

  • 81% of Canadians don’t realize that an employer may check their credit score when being considered for a job position
  • A full two thirds of Canadians don’t know that insurance agencies or cell phone companies might look at credit scores during the application process (67% and 66%, respectively)
  • 61% of Canadians don’t know that landlords often look at credit scores as part of a rental application

Don’t be a statistic, guys, you’re better than those people.


Here’s the skinny on credit reports and credit scores: Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Credit Scores”