My Top 15 Frugal Wins

You’ve heard of the Latte Factor, right? (If you haven’t, go read Desirae’s post from last week, it’s awesome).

Basically, the Latte Factor is the concept that spending money every day on small things (like lattes) adds up to big amounts of money spent over time. It’s controversial though, because people have different ideas about whether spending those small amounts every day is bad money management or worthwhile spending.

Reading about the latte factor got me thinking though… not about the small amounts of money I spend in a day, but about all the small amounts of money I save.

Don’t those deserve some posts too? Yes, the Latte Factor is a thing. But maybe, just maybe, we should forgive ourselves sometimes for spending a few bucks on a latte, and take a minute to celebrate ourselves for all those times we save a few bucks.

Allow me to toot my own horn…


  1. I make my own tea in the mornings instead of buying Tim Hortons.
  2. I bring a lunch to work every day (today’s lunch was the college student special of ramen noodles and rice cakes but it was so good).
  3. I don’t get manicures – I can paint my own nails, thankyouverymuch.
  4. I drive a car with no car payment.
  5. I regularly call my insurance companies and ask about any new discounts (they love it, I promise).
  6. I never pay full price for anything if it is at all possible to knock something off the cost. (Extreme Couponing is my dream)
  7. I price match at the grocery store like it’s my job.
  8. Once a year, I update my basics-only wardrobe (same pants and shirts, just in different colours) on an annual trip to an outlet centre’s sale weekend. It helps that I am both challenged and uninterested when it comes to fashion.
  9. I get my hair cut twice a year.
  10. 99% of my music comes from Spotify Free.
  11. I Christmas shop all year ‘round so I can get good deals on gifts for friends and fam #cheapSantawin
  12. I do daily surveys online to get loyalty points at stores and credits on Google Play (upcoming post!)
  13. All of my books come from the library or from a book-share with friends.
  14. I don’t have cable or a home phone.
  15. I haven’t paid full price for movie tickets in 6 years (thanks, Costco Great Escape Movie Package!)

Guys, seriously. I feel better already about that pumpkin scone I spent $4 on last week.


Tell me, what are you super good at saving money on? Go ahead, brag all about those dollars you save – we all wanna hear it!


15 thoughts on “My Top 15 Frugal Wins

  1. My super proud frugal moment is the fact that I eat the same thing for breakfast every day to the tune of $7 a month. Yay, oatmeal! The fact that we eat virtually the same two things for lunch every day and rotate 10-12 meals for dinner helps us be more frugal. It lets us get more bang for ingredients before they go bad or get forgotten in the back of the cabinets. Plus, it makes fancy dinners (in or out!) seem like a really big deal!

    1. That’s awesome, Penny! Do you plan your meals out each week? I am always so impressed by people who have meal times down, because I am so bad at it! So yay you not only for your super fantastic frugal moment, but also for being a pro-meal organizer! And I love that doing this makes your fancy dinners seem all that much more special : )

  2. “Once a year, I update my basics-only wardrobe (same pants and shirts, just in different colours) on an annual trip to an outlet centre’s sale weekend. It helps that I am both challenged and uninterested when it comes to fashion.”

    SAME HERE OMG the blog twinning continues. I’m writing about this exact thing (sort of) this week!

    1. Hahaha okay. I promise I am a real person and not a bot trying to make you question your identity. Do you find that wearing (basically) the same thing every day is actually the best thing ever? I’m a zombie in the mornings so the fact that it’s one less decision I have to make is the best, in addition to the fact that it saves me money because I never really buy clothes. I do have one wardrobe rotation for summer and one for winter though, so technically I do actually have two sets of pants in different colours and two sets of shirts haha. I’m excited for your post!

  3. I live in an apartment that has water included, free gym and pool, and also gives out fresh fruit on Mondays and Thursdays. Work also has free tea, coffee, and hot chocolate available at all times, and also occasionally has free snacks. I live close enough to work that I can ride my bike in on nice days! All those little things add up over time 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, Gwen, that sounds magical! In my office, you get the side eye if they think you might have ever thought about taking a pen home. Also now I have a craving for hot chocolate : ) Yay you for riding your bike to work too! There are so many wins there – financial, environmental, physical. It’s like the win-trifecta!

  4. I’ve started cooking my own dinners and every night is a Trader Joys pre-formed frozen turkey burger patty (no need to thaw or defrost!) and some microwavable steamed rice. I’m excited to see what this does for the savings rate, but more importantly I feel less lethargic by eating less crap.

    I haven’t started brown bagging it to work for lunch, but cooking my own breakfasts and dinners, when before it was generally all take out all the time, feels like such a major win!

    1. Ugh, eating out all the time was the wooorst money-sucker for me. It still is, to be honest. I have no self-control! It’s so great that you’ve found something you like – that’s the key, I think. And you’re so right, the benefits are more than just financial. I wish we had Trader Joes in Canada, it seems heavenly haha.

  5. Frugalness Confession: I’m still using my ex-boyfriend’s Netflix account. I know it’s less than $10/month, but why not get it free if you can still get it free, right?

    I also keep my house UBER chilly in the winter to save on utilities. I have to bundle up, but it probably saves me $50-$100/month.

    1. Haha! I love that!! That’s like the whole point of the Latte Factor in reverse anyway, no? If you were spending that $10 every month, it would add up over the long run! You’re saving $120 a year – that’s huge! Also I am the exact same with heat – I may wear like 3 sweaters at a time while in my house, but I can insulate them with my many many dollar bills in savings 😀

  6. I said “YUP” after 90% of the things on your list. And I too, feel better about that Skinny Vanilla Latte I had on the weekend. That’s my other thing about the “latte factor”. Since I don’t like just plain old coffee, and only drink the expensive ones – I think I’m doing a good job because I only have 1 a week. Which means I can spice up my life (pumpkin spice up my life *takes bow for pun*) when I’m having a bad day, and still keep my latte budget in check. #FrugalWinsForLife

  7. Finally paying off my car and not having a car payment has been a WONDERFUL feeling! And I not only save money when I bring my own lunch, but I also feel better!

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