That Time I Got Interviewed on Family Money Plan

I am legit freaking out right now because Andrew over at the awesome blog, Family Money Plan, recently interviewed me for his killer interview series, “Behind the Screen” and IT WENT LIVE. I have been a big fan of this series (and Andrew’s blog in general) since the beginning, so it is crazy to me that he let me be a part of it. Thanks, Andrew!!


Check out this insane line of up of incredible bloggers that Andrew has interviewed:

I apologize now for totally derailing your day because I know you’ll be spending it bingeing through these interviews and Andrew’s always-fantastic blog posts, but you will not be disappointed. Whatever else you had to do today can wait, I promise.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the interview Andrew did with me!

(All photos and graphics courtesy of Andrew)

My Top 15 Frugal Wins

You’ve heard of the Latte Factor, right? (If you haven’t, go read Desirae’s post from last week, it’s awesome).

Basically, the Latte Factor is the concept that spending money every day on small things (like lattes) adds up to big amounts of money spent over time. It’s controversial though, because people have different ideas about whether spending those small amounts every day is bad money management or worthwhile spending.

Reading about the latte factor got me thinking though… not about the small amounts of money I spend in a day, but about all the small amounts of money I save. Continue reading “My Top 15 Frugal Wins”

10 Tips for Selling Online

So I watch a lot of crime shows, and because of that, I’m convinced that stranger danger is real. And because of that, selling things online was a terrifying concept to me. I mean, you don’t know these people. Remember the Craigslist killer?


Then I had an old chest freezer from my student days that I wanted to get rid of. It still worked, but it was taking up valuable space and it would have cost me money to trash it, so my love of money overcame my love of caution and I put it up online.

It was such. a. rush. Continue reading “10 Tips for Selling Online”