How I Save Money on Groceries

When I was a kid, I loved grocery shopping. In high school, I would even go grocery shopping with my friends and their parents. It’s strange, I know. I have no idea why I loved it so much.

That changed over the years though when I actually had to start paying for the groceries and cooking the meals myself. Primarily because it costs so much money, but also because I only cook to keep myself alive. Don’t get me wrong, I love food, but I would be happy eating the same low-effort thing every day. My husband, however, is much more of a foodie so grocery shopping becomes more than just “Pasta. Sauce. Done.” as it would be if I was only cooking for one.

So, since we have to buy groceries, I settle for making it as cost-effective as possible.

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DIY: Personalized Hangers

Before you read this post, I should add a disclaimer that I am in no way an expert DIYer or even a remotely crafty person. (#wouldthatIcould).

But since this is a blog about saving money, I’m sharing one easy way I kept some of my hard earned dollars in my own pocket. (And if you really hate crafty posts, have no fear – I’m not creative enough for more than one, so I’ll be back next week with a post about saving money on groceries.)


If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen pins of hangers personalized with names or dates either on the hanger itself or in the wire of the lower bar. When I was planning my wedding, I loved the idea of these hangers as functional and sweet ways to display the gift bags I put together for my bridesmaids, and later, to hang their bridesmaid dresses.

I turned to Etsy to see what my options were, and while there were tons of adorable choices, the price was not so cute. At the time, the best price I could find was around the $20 per hanger range – now, the average appears to be around $25.

I could not justify spending $80 to $100 on effing clothes hangers.

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How to Build a Budget

Here’s a thought for you:

Your budget is Justin Timberlake.

Your financial strategy is N*Sync.

With me?

Justin Timberlake is killing it as a solo artist, but N*Sync would probably not have had the success they did if it weren’t for him (#sorryJoey).

Likewise, your financial strategy is probably not going to reach its full potential unless you have a budget.

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