What’s Your Everyday Rich?

Have you seen those LottoMax commercials with the guy who buys a lottery ticket, and then imagines what he would do if he won?


I’ve never actually bought a lottery ticket in my life, so I’ve never had the anticipation of thinking I could win. But I regularly play that game in my head of, “if I had unlimited money, what would I do?”

Sometimes when you ask people that question, they’re like, “I’d buy a private jet and an island all to myself” or “I’d quit my job and buy a mansion in all of my favourite cities around the world”. Others go the practical route and say they’d pay off their student loans, maybe the debts of their families, donate to charity, and then have some fun with the rest of the money… like buying a car for every day of the week.

Me, I sort of negotiate with the universe… like, “I don’t need a mansion or a private island, I don’t need to quit my job, I just want the small luxuries, that’s not so much to ask, right?”


Since I’ve never bought a lottery ticket, I’m not likely to get a windfall, so I am relying on my own saving ability to get me those small luxuries – eventually. It serves as a motivational tool for me to imagine what life would be like if I had no debts, solid savings, and a decent income that leaves some room for being “everyday rich”.

“Everyday rich” is what I call people who aren’t – on the surface – enormously wealthy. They’re not millionaires, they live in normal sized houses, they drive your typical American-made car, they repeat outfits comprised of non-designer clothing, but they are smart savers, they’re debt-free, and they are able to spend money on things they want without worrying about whether they have enough money in their budget to do it (because they know they do), or whether they’re buying the cheapest possible version of that item (because they’re smart shoppers too). That’s my “if I won the lottery” dream. No island, no private chef, just everyday rich.

Come with me for a moment and let’s go into my dream everyday rich world…

  • I’d get all my groceries at hipster stores like Loblaws and Farm Boy and I wouldn’t hold up the line with my price matching.
  • I would go out for dinner or get take out twice a week because I hate cooking, even when the groceries come from the hipster stores.
  • But I would eat more Kraft Dinner.
  • I would have a cleaning service come in once a month to do the chores I always forget to do, like dusting the baseboards and folding clean laundry.
  • I would go to Michaels before every holiday and buy all the decorations and supplies I need to look like Martha Stewart lives at my house (while still using the coupons, obvi).
  • I would have a dog (who would have pet insurance) and a dog walker on days when I’m not able to go home during the work day.
  • I would buy a roomba to vacuum the floors when I’m not home. And for entertainment when I am home.
  • I would get a manicure once a month and never worry again that none of my nails are the same length or shape.
  • I would always keep fresh-cut flowers in my house (because house plants don’t survive around me).
  • I would let myself go into David’s Tea.
  • All of my favourite, staple items of clothing will be tailored to fit me perfectly and the ends of my pant legs will no longer get destroyed from touching the ground or getting caught under my shoes.
  • I would take one trip each year – nothing exotic, just a road trip to another province or state.
  • I would DIY for fun, but I wouldn’t stress for days about how to DIY a shelving unit cheaper than buying the $14.99 IKEA version. I’d just buy the $14.99 IKEA version.

Ahhh. What a life that would be.

What kind of things would you do if you were everyday rich?


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