What’s Your Everyday Rich?

Have you seen those LottoMax commercials with the guy who buys a lottery ticket, and then imagines what he would do if he won?


I’ve never actually bought a lottery ticket in my life, so I’ve never had the anticipation of thinking I could win. But I regularly play that game in my head of, “if I had unlimited money, what would I do?” Continue reading “What’s Your Everyday Rich?”

Why You Should Be Prepared to Lose (or Leave) Your Job

One of my fundamental beliefs in life is that everyone should be prepared to lose or leave their job at any given time. That sounds like a giant bummer, I know, but hear me out.

A few years ago, I was working in HR for a private sector company in the manufacturing industry that relied on large scale orders, primarily from foreign governments. By 2012, the work on pre-recession orders was coming to an end, and new ones hadn’t come in. It was simple and undramatic, and that was how I got laid off from my first “grown up” job out of university.

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Rethinking the No-Spend Month

In my last post, I told you about how I did really really well at the no-spend thing… until I didn’t, and that one day came when I spent $19.99 on a purse and almost threw up because of the guilt.

The thing was, as we moved into March, I kept thinking about how the no-spend month was so eye-opening to me and how valuable it could be to continue it. Obviously though, I needed to rework the terms of the project because it was completely unreasonable for me to feel that kind of guilt over a $19.99 bag.

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No-Spend February: Lessons Learned


This is actually a pretty big deal for me. I don’t really have a big impulse buying problem and I don’t splurge on much, so I arrogantly thought that doing a no-spend month wouldn’t be that hard and I wouldn’t learn anything. But guys. IT WAS. I DID. Seriously. Mind blowing.

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No-Spend February

Do you ever find you get spend-fatigue? I might have just made that term up. But it’s real, right? You just get so tired of having to spend money.

And that’s the thing – we need to spend money. You have to pay rent or a mortgage, you might have a car payment, a student loan, a line of credit.. what about that cell bill? And we have to eat, right? We can’t avoid spending, it’s the sad truth of life in the modern world.

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How to Use Excel to Predict Your (Debt) Future

Let me start by saying that I am not an Excel expert. I have a healthy respect for Excel, and I fully believe it could solve the world’s problems, if only we knew how to use it to its full capabilities, but I only ever venture into the shallow waters of the mysterious universe that is spreadsheets.

I assure you though, no matter what your skill level is in Excel, you can do this trick. 

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Teach Yourself to Walk (to the Bank)

You have to learn to walk before you can run. It’s cliché. I know. You’re cringing. But hey – it’s true. The state of financial education for young people in this country is abysmal. And for adults, it’s not any better.

Saving is a skill and there are varying degrees of skill level, but just like any skill, you have to learn it first before you can go pro. You can’t make a million before you make a buck. Likewise, unless you win the lottery, you won’t meet your retirement savings goal overnight while you’re still in university (and probably owing on your student loans).

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Don’t Go Broke This Wedding Season

As of today, my husband and I have been invited to two baby showers, one diaper party, three wedding showers, two stag and does, one bachelor party (him), three bachelorette parties (me), and seven weddings (no gender reveal parties, thank God. What is that). If you are anywhere between the ages of say, 25 and 35 – your summer likely looks similar. ‘Tis the season, after all.

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